Najis Mutawassitah

catsNajis Mutawassitah is the medium form of pollutants like Blood, Vomits, Urine, any form of liquid which comes out from any part of the human body (including sexual organs), any form of liquid which can cause intoxication (beer, alcohol, etc.) and all milk from wild animals.


[In Islam, all alcoholic substances like Beer, Whisky, Wine, etc. is put in the same class as Urine. They are “najis” substances. It should be noted also that a non-flowing Blood is Not Najis – e.g. blood in the meat or fish.]


Cleaning of these forms of Najis must only be used with clean water (Air Mutlak) and must eradicate the following forms/features:

(a) the colour of the substance

(b) the smell of the substance

(c) the taste of the substance.